Spanish Springs Village Common Interest Association

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83 Continental Dr., Ste B
Reno, NV 89509
Association Fax 775-826-3031
Association Phone 775-826-8092
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Yes we are a version of a homeowners association, but thanks to our CC&R's our only objective is to maintain the drainage system within our subdivision. We are forbidden from enforcing section 4 of the CC&R's as stated in section 3. This may sound like a lame excuse for not enforcing the teeth of the CC&R's but we think the intent of this action was to keep us out of court and playing CC&R cops. 

Remember we are homeowners just like you and we are donating our time to help out. We use the money collected from the CIA dues to maintain the drainage network throughout out subdivision. There is weeding about 2 times a year and we repair the ditches as needed.. Normally we do this in the spring and fall.

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